Understanding SR22 Insurance in St Louis, MO

If you’ve been convicted of a major traffic violation in the St. Louis, Missouri area, there may be some confusion as to what your insurance obligations will be when you’re legally permitted to drive again. Just like anyone who wants to legally operate a vehicle on the road, you’re going to need car insurance, but you may need to consider sr22 insurance in St Louis MO. If you’re like many other drivers, you may not even know what SR22 actually is.

The first thing to understand is SR22 is not actually an insurance policy. This is a document that is filed by your insurance carrier to the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles division. This document states that you are maintaining automotive insurance on the vehicle that you’re driving. This is typically required for people who’ve been charged and convicted with DUI, multiple traffic stops or has been involved in an accident without insurance. The actual cost for filing an SR22 document with the DMV usually costs anywhere from $15-$25, depending on the insurance carrier. However, where the cost comes in is the actual insurance you will need to purchase.

Before you can file an SR22 document with the DMV, you will need to have car insurance. When you consider the reasons why SR22 documentation will be required to be on file at the DMV, you’ll soon realize that insurance companies will consider you a much riskier proposition. This means you may have a hard time finding insurance, and you’ll certainly have a very difficult time finding insurance that is reasonably priced. This may not always be the case, but insurance companies will typically require much higher premiums with someone whose driving record reflects numerous traffic accidents, tickets or convictions for reckless driving or driving under the influence.

As you can see, the whole issue with sr22 insurance in St Louis MO isn’t all that complicated, but it’s important to know what is required once you have your driving privileges renewed. Once you know what is required of you, you can begin to take stock of how much everything is going to cost you so that you’re prepared for the expense that it will take the legally operate a motor vehicle in St. Louis.

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