Understanding the Labels Put on Organic Produce

When you see the word “organic” on the produce that you purchase, you can have confidence that the US Department of Agriculture, or USDA, has set, defined and regulated the meaning and use of this. Organic is a term that is used to indicate the processed or raw products that have been:

* Grown or farmed organically
* Meet the following standards: no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers; no fertilizers from sewer sludge; no genetic engineering; no use of growth hormones; no irradiation; no use of antibiotics; no artificial ingredients; and no synthetic additives.

Understanding How Organic is Used on Various Food Labels

There are a number of people who are not sure about the specific meaning of the “organic” term or labels that read “organically grown.” One of the biggest concerns is if they are able to trust that the foods were actually produced and grown without any use of chemicals that may be hazardous.

The primary thing that you need to remember, is that the organic label is able to be applied to a number of different products, including produce, eggs, dairy products, poultry and meat.

In order for a crop to be labeled organically grown, it must:

* Have been produced on a piece of land that does not use any type of synthetic substances.
* Is not grown on land that had any type of hazardous material applied three years prior to the harvest.
* Land must have defined buffer zones and boundaries that prevent the crop from having any type of contact with substances that are otherwise prohibited.
* Crop nutrient and soil fertility management must be completed in a way that will improve the condition of the soil, minimize cases of soil erosion and ensure all contamination of the crops is prevented.

Some of the methods that are used for the management of organic crops include:

* The use of pant materials that have not be composted.
* The use of animal manure that has been composed with a specific amount of nitrogen to carbon ratios temperature from the readings.
* The use of only uncomposted plant materials.

When you are looking for organic products, it is also important that you find quality Organic Produce Suppliers. This is essential to feel confident that you have purchased a product that meets all the required standards to be considered a truly organic product that does not contain the harmful elements of other items available for purchase.

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