Understanding How Your Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts Are Made

When shopping for custom embroidered polo shirts for your company, it’s important to understand what you’re buying. There are several important differences that can be found in how your embroidered apparel might be created. Here are some tips to help you get the highest quality custom embroidered polo shirts.

Understand the quality of the shirt you’re buying. You can get a wide range of prices based on the shirt you choose. Higher quality, brand name shirts are more expensive than lesser quality shirts. This price difference is not related to the price of the embroidery itself. Choosing higher quality, more expensive shirts is often less expensive in the long run, however, as these shirts will not wear out as quickly, so you’ll spend less money in replacing shirts.

Understand how your embroidery is performed. There are two types of embroidery for polo shirts. The first is direct embroidery. This method involves stitching your logo directly into the fabric of the shirt. This method offers higher quality. It will look better and last longer than patch embroidery.

Patch embroidery involves stitching the logo to a patch, and using heat to adhere the patch to your shirt. This method is often less expensive, but does not look as professional or last as long as direct embroidery. Over time, the edges of the patch will lift, leaving the shirt looking ragged.

Talk to your vendor about both the choices in shirts, and how embroidery is performed before you make a purchase. While budget is an issue for most companies, you can save a significant amount of money over time by choosing a high quality shirt and direct embroidery, compared to the other options. In addition, making these choices will ensure you’re proud of the custom embroidered polo shirts your employees are wearing on the job.

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