Understanding Your Garage Door Parts and Functions

An automatic garage door is relatively simple in its design, but it is comprised of several parts, all of which need to be kept in good working order, and replaced as soon as needed, in order to avoid potential injury, or damage to property, if the door fails. If any of these parts fail, malfunction or break, you need a specialist company like Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago with an extensive supply of garage door parts. Chicago has several such companies that offer Garage Door Parts in Chicago. Prior to contacting the professionals, it can be beneficial to understand the type of garage door system you have and how it works.

Garage Door Parts

Your garage door uses a force to offset its weight. This is called a counterbalance system. All garage doors will use one of two spring systems to provide this force:

Torsion Spring System

This is the most common system. Torsion springs are usually mounted horizontally above the door opening. They are attached to cables, which are in turn attached to the bottom corners of the door. As the door closes, these cables make the springs wind up. When the door opens, the springs unwind again, and this energy then lifts the door.

Extension Spring System

Extension springs are found on the sides of the garage door. They are also attached to cables, which are attached to the bottom corners of the door. The difference is that these springs are stretched instead of wound as the door closes. When the door opens again, the springs contract and this lifts the door.

Other main garage door parts include:


This is the part of a garage door that has the most parts and mechanisms:

* Motor and gears. The motor doesn’t lift the door, but helps to slow it down while in transit so that it doesn’t come crashing down to the floor.

* Drive guide – guides and protects the drive chain, belt or screw.

* Inverter – switches power from AC to DC (most motors use DC current as this makes them smaller and more efficient).

* Battery back up – kicks in when the power goes out.

Safety reversing sensor

Compulsory on all automatic doors since 1993, these sensors consist of two beams on either side of the garage door. They signal the motor to immediately stop and reverse the downward motion of a closing garage door if they detect any obstruction, thus stopping the person, animal or object in the way from being hit and/or crushed.Call the Parts Replacement Specialists

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