Uncommon Gift Ideas in Tucson to Break the Monotony of the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching as they inevitably do each year, and the search is on for perfect gifts for dinner party hostesses, employees and loved ones in general. Ties and tacky sweaters wear thin, both literally and figuratively, while random knick-knacks tend to spend years collecting dust whether on display or still in their boxes. Despite the amount of thought put into purchasing a memento, unique Gift Ideas in Tucson are growing increasingly more difficult to come by; however, the countless variations on a simple tree nut could bring an end to the holiday monotony.

Cater to the Candy Lovers: One might be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love the flavor of praline, chocolate, cinnamon, toffee, caramel, honey, rum or all of the above, and pecans coated in each of these are readily available. They can be added to a gift basket in bags of each variety or as a tray offering a combination of these choices. Camelbacks and popcorn featuring the pecan in all its glory are also classic favorites.

Satiate the Savory Appetite: Though pecans are often associated with sweet treats, they can also bear a range of salty essences. From the basic roasted and salted variety, this flavor selection branches out to include garlic, hickory smoked and mesquite. Those who enjoy a little extra heat may appreciate the cajun and jalapeno alternatives. Of course, giving the gift of plain unaltered pecans and allowing the recipient to add his or her own favorite blend of spices is always an option.

Feed a Chef’s Creativity: For those who love to create inspired meals and incite awe from dinner guests, uncommon ingredients could make perfect Gift Ideas in Tucson. Pecans have made their way into pies, cakes, cookies, souffles, chicken dishes, salads and other recipes, but this is only the beginning of their culinary journey. Syrup as well as barbecue and hot sauces including their distinctly nutty, slightly sweet taste can add a bit of unique flair to a variety of meals.

Once they come out of their shells, pecans are practically unstoppable and have an innate ability to make their way into the hearts of those with a vast diversity of preferences. Visit the website of the Green Valley Pecan Company Store to find these and many other gift options. They also offer customized gift basket options to accommodate those far reaching tastes.

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