Types of Women’s Wedding Rings, Browse Options Near Chicago

When you decide to get married, women’s wedding rings are certainly something that you need to consider. With so many options available from jewelry stores near Chicago, you should learn to know the types of rings available before you buy.

The Engagement Ring and the Band

One thing that surprises many grooms is that there is a difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band for women. Most women wear a wedding set, which is both the wedding band and the engagement ring. Some women, of course, will just wear a wedding band, which is what she gets from the groom during the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring is traditionally given when the groom asks the bride to marry him.

Types of Rings

There are also a number of types of wedding rings for women. One is called a three stone ring. As you might imagine, this type of ring has three stones in a row on the band. These might all be diamonds, or the center stone might be a diamond that is flanked by two different stones, such as rubies or sapphires. Another popular type of ring type is the eternity ring. This is essentially a band that has stones all around it. You can also choose a solitaire, which is a single stone in a setting, or you can consider halo rings, which have small stones surrounding a center stone. There are also other types of rings out there, too, so talk to your jeweler if you have something else in mind.

Getting What She Wants

Though many brides are surprised by the engagement ring, when it comes to the wedding band or wedding ring, they usually have a say in what it looks like. Make sure to keep her opinion in mind, as she will wear this ring forever.

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