Types of Sinkholes that Require Sinkhole Remediation in Tampa, FL

The terrain in Florida is ideal for sinkholes because the landscape of the state is mostly limestone, which can be easily dissolved. The dissolving process occurs due to acidic rain running through the ground, which increases in potency when it passes through the decaying debris of plants in the soil. As this acidic rain continues, it erodes and collapses the carbonate rocks found in the soil. When this occurs, the ground over them will either sink slowly or quickly, based on the type of sinkhole that is created. In any case, Sinkhole Remediation in Tampa FL will be necessary. However, getting to know the types of sinkholes, which are highlighted here, is also important.

Solution Sinkholes

This is a sinkhole that forms slowly as the bedrock of limestone starts to be exposed at the surface. It occurs when there is a lack of vegetation, and the soil begins to experience dissolution. This means that the rainwater is able to saturate the ground, creating a depression due to the erosion of bedrock.

Cover-Subsidence Sinkholes

These are also slow-forming sinkholes in locations where the sand that is on top of the bedrock begins to slide into the openings inside the bedrock. This results in the land surface starting to fall. The size of the actual depression will grow as the erosion keeps going on.

The Cover-Collapse Sinkhole

This type of sinkhole involves bedrock that is covered with clay at the top layer, and that is dissolved into an actual underground cave. The cave has water under the bottom layers. The base sediment layers will erode as time pasts and increase the cavern size until there is only a small amount remaining between the opening and the ground’s surface. This is a rapidly forming sinkhole, and when the thin layer falls, the sinkhole will open and quickly swallow everything on the surface.

Any time a sink hole occurs, it is essential to call for sinkhole remediation in Tampa FL. Solid Foundations can help with this process and ensure the issue is handled properly. Failure to address the situation may result in serious issues down the road and a hazardous situation.

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