Types Of Sedation Dentistry Available To You

by | May 17, 2016 | Cosmetic Dentist

If your level of dental anxiety is so extreme that you avoid going to the dentist’s office at all costs, then that is not good. You need to see the dentist to be certain your gums and teeth are healthy. Anyone with a phobia should ask about sedation dentistry, and there are different variations open to you.

A common form of sedation you have probably seen on a lot of television shows is laughing gas. You breathe it in, and you feel more relaxed. You will still be awake, but you will feel in good enough shape at the end of the procedure to drive yourself home.

The next level of sedation involves taking a pill that will make you groggy during the treatment. You may still be awake, but you likely will not remember too much about the procedure afterward. It is possible you will fall asleep, but chances are good you will be able to wake up easily.

An even deeper level of sedation dentistry involves IV. You will receive the sedative through one of your veins. This makes it go to work quickly. Chances are you will become unconscious, but again, you can easily wake up if needed.

Finally, the strongest form of sedation is anesthesia. This is generally reserved for individuals going through actual dental surgery. Removing wisdom teeth or getting jaw surgery are common reasons for receiving this. Your dentist will require you to have someone drive you home afterward.

In addition to any of these, your dentist may also provide you with a local anesthetic. This numbs the area where the procedure needs to be performed. This prevents you from feeling any discomfort so that you can sit back in the chair, resting easy. If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry to see if it would be good for you, talk to a dental professional.

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