Types of Containers Available for Waste Management in Portland, OR

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Business Services

One of the biggest producers of waste in a home is the demolition projects that are a part of home improvement. The problem is that demolition produces a large amount of trash in a relatively short amount of time. Getting rid of all of it is a pretty big hassle. That’s where renting a big dumpster is a critical part of any home improvement plan. There are three options when it comes to deciding what to rent in Portland, OR.

One of the containers that can be rented from waste management in Portland OR is the big huge solid dumpster. These dumpsters are moved by special equipment because they are pretty heavy and impossible for the homeowner to move. However, they can hold a lot of waste especially if entire rooms are going to be demolished. Kitchens are notorious for the amount of waste they generate with the demolish of cabinets, counter-tops and floors.

Another container that can be rented is much softer and a little less money. These construction bags are better for smaller demolish jobs such as a living room remodel or a small bathroom upgrade. They hold a pretty decent amount of waste. But you will need to pack it down if you have large items that don’t exactly lay flat. Then once it is full, the waste management in Portland, OR will pick it up for you. You will need to call them when you are finished with it.

The third option is to use the garbage cans that are designated for waste disposal. The drawback of this method is that you often have to wait for pickup day in order to get rid of the trash. But it is great for small renovation projects and it is a more budget-friendly option for waste management in Portland, OR. But be careful of packing them too full because they can become unmanageable.

There are three options that a homeowner can use for waste management in Portland OR. The choice of which one is going to depend on the size of the project and the budget for that project. Each container has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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