Types of CCTV Camera Systems in Chicagoland

Pre-built Closed Circuit Television surveillance technology has been around for a long time, but seemed to inundate the market starting in the early 2000’s. These easy-to-install, simple systems have their place, but they are not adequate for all kinds of applications. The best CCTV Camera Systems in Chicagoland will offer you better technology and maximize your surveillance abilities substantially. What are the various features that make them efficient?


The reliability of any CCTV system is in the quality of the camera. Quality cameras produce quality videos and images that make it easier to protect your home or business. The cameras for these systems come in a variety sizes and with a number of features for recording and monitoring what goes on in your home or business.


Image resolution affects the quality of images and recordings in CCTV systems just like standard television, computers, and scanner settings. Anything under 520 lines for resolution is unacceptable for quality images and videos. The higher the resolution, the better the image and video quality.


The ability of a CCTV camera to zoom in, focus, and record quality close up shots is in the optics of the camera. Look for cameras that offer ample zoom and versatile focus features so you can get the best quality images. You never know when this will make the difference in finding a criminal or using images or video for evidence.


CCTV Camera Systems in Chicagoland come in a variety of configurations. They can be configured to be obvious or they can be configured to be benign. Benign cameras may look like a sprinkler or a smoke detector. Some CCTV cameras can be mounted on motion detectors and only be seen if you are looking for them. Domes and bullet cameras come in various sizes and are in the obvious camera configurations. It all depends on if you want people to know they are being watched.

Other forms of CCTV cameras and technology come in small units like spy cams, also called nanny cams, and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras for specialty security and surveillance. These systems are all designed to capture images and/or video in your home or office with the intent of ensuring the safety and security of your family or employees, or to catch people in the act of stealing or doing harm. Business Name provides quality CCTV camera technology and systems for residential or commercial applications.

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