Treatment Options for Addiction That Work

If you’re addicted to alcohol, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. Many Americans are in the same situation, and may get frustrated when they try to quit and have withdrawal symptoms. There are many treatment options for alcohol addiction, but with all of them, abstinence is crucial. For alcoholics in good health and with motivation, recovery is easy. Over half of alcoholics remain abstinent for a year after their treatments, and many of them stay sober for life. However, if you have a psychiatric disorder or little motivation, you may relapse a few times before succeeding on your path to sobriety.

Three Stages

Alcohol addiction treatment in Shelby County, AL typically consists of three stages. During the first, you purge your body of the toxins in a process called detoxification or detox. Many people find that they’ve been drinking for so long that they need to detox once they stop. Otherwise, they may have horrible withdrawal symptoms including seizures, hallucinations, DTs, and more.

The second stage is rehabilitation. During this stage, you get proper prescription medications and counseling to help you maintain sobriety. You can find rehabilitation centers that offer inpatient or outpatient programs, whichever suits your lifestyle better.

Maintaining your sobriety is the last phase, but it will be with you for life. Treatment for alcohol addiction never stops, because you always have the ability to start drinking again. The goal is to have the willpower and know your triggers to ensure that it doesn’t happen. You may continue to crave alcoholic beverages, particularly the one you used to drink most often.

You may be prescribed medication to help with cravings. After you take this medicine, you feel happy and calm without needing to drink. Some medications can make you ill if you drink, making you associate drinking with illness. Contact Business Name for more information.

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