Trades Top the List for Highest Demand Jobs in Canada

If you are having trouble finding Edmonton Jobs you might want to take a look at your career path. Canada is listing jobs in the trade industry as the highest demand jobs not only today, but going into the next decade.

Housing Market Boom

With a growing boom in the housing market, construction sites are popping up across Canada. New homes are big business and it takes trained trades people to provide the skills required to build homes. Construction involves many trade jobs from carpenters to plumbers and electricians to contractors. Edmonton jobs will continue to become available in the trades making it an excellent opportunity for those looking for a new career opportunity.

Edmonton Top Three

In the Top Three positions for Edmonton jobs number two was Agriculture & Manufacturing

And number three was Energy & Utilities. Under agriculture and manufacturing this includes skilled and trades workers. Energy and utilities will also be seeking jobs that require skilled trades people with knowledge in electrical generation facilities and transmission lines.

Overall Canadian Job Demand

In Canada high demand jobs rated from 1 to 10 include:

1.  Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor
2.  Longshore Workers
3.  Heavy Construction Equipment Supervisor
4.  Oil & Gas Well Operator
5.  Construction Manager
6.  Locomotive Engineer
7.  Construction Trades/Contractors Supervisor
8.  Pipefitting Contractor & Supervisor
9.  Power Line & Cable Worker
10. Industrial Electrician


Many people have a misconception about the pay they will receive as trades people. However with so many opportunities there is ample earning opportunity in the trades. Trades people can earn a salary starting at $60,000 per year with the opportunity to earn even more as their skill level develops. There is also opportunity to start your own business and expand your knowledge to become a contractor. Working for a large construction company you also have the opportunity to work your way up the ranks from positions such as on site supervisors to major senior positions at the head office level in operations or development.

Edmonton jobs in the trade industry offer ample opportunity for growth. Learning a trade can set you on a path for success with many choices of where your career can go. You are never too old to pursue a new career path. If you are finding it difficult to find a job in your current career you can always look for new opportunities and expand your horizons.

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