Toy Haulers in Des Moines can Easily Transport Small Vehicles

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Automotive

RV owners have always enjoyed the convenience of bringing their accommodations and belongings with them. However, it is sometimes a hassle driving an RV around a small town or city. While some RV owners tow a smaller vehicle behind their RV, others are not comfortable doing that. It is now possible for RV owners to easily bring along motorcycles, bicycles and mobility scooters for local transportation. Toy Haulers in Des Moines are designed with cargo bays in the rear to carry these types of vehicles. They have fold-down ramps that make it easy to load and unload their toys. People who enjoy camping near the water can even bring their jet skis and small boats in their RV.

Both travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers can be toy haulers. Vehicles as short as 23 feet and as long as 40 feet can contain cargo bays. People who enjoy fishing may take up most of the space with a cargo bay for their boat and then have a very simple and small living space. Others may carry several vehicles and still have a luxury living space. They can use pop-outs and sliders to maximize the living area. Because of the added weight that Toy Haulers in Des Moines carry, they have stronger axles and tires.

This also allows them to travel to wilderness areas, where they can enjoy using their ATVs or mountain bikes on rugged terrain. Camping in remote areas also requires that the RV be fitted with a generator and larger water and holding tanks. This allows the RV owner to be comfortable anywhere they decide to park their vehicle. People can buy their RVs off of the lot or they can have them made according to their specifications. A custom toy hauler will have the perfect cargo bay to carry each of person’s toys. It will also have the needed tie-downs in the correct locations. Tie-downs are the straps that keep the vehicles secure while the RV is moving. They can be attached to both the side and floor of the cargo bay.

A person who is considering a toy hauler can call their local RV dealer to learn about their options. The Imperial RV Center in Des Moines is one of the Iowa companies that can help them.

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