Top Signs of Elder Neglect

Putting your loved one in a retirement or nursing home is never an easy decision. Choosing the right home for your loved one’s needs is instrumental in making sure they get the care they require. But even the most diligent research is sometimes not enough. If you suspect elder neglect or abuse, contact an elder neglect attorney immediately so they can investigate further. Here are some of the top signs of elder abuse:

* Bed sores: This is a sign that your loved one isn’t being cared for properly, and is left in bed for an undetermined amount of time.
* Conflicting signs of injuries/accidents: Does the staff have a different story than your loved one does about certain injuries? That could be because the staff have something to hide.
* Pain or restricted movement: Is your loved one complaining of limited movement or pain that is not associated with their medical condition? There could be bruising in unexposed areas of the body.
* Unexplained bruising, broken bones or sprains: When you visit, do you often find there are bruises, broken bones or sprains that are not explainable? This is a big red flag that something is amiss.
* Over or under use of sedation: Is your loved one over or under sedated. Do they spend too much time sleeping, or are they awake too much and in pain?
* Fear or anxiety: Does your loved one express fear or anxiety, but is reluctant to talk to you?

If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected or abused, take immediate action. Contact your elder neglect attorney and schedule a consultation. Your attorney will advise you on the next steps. You may be entitled to compensation. Most importantly, remove your loved one from the situation as soon as possible and document everything you see and hear.

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