Top Reasons to Use Land Survey Services in Brownsville

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Real Estate

Land survey services in Brownsville are available for a wide range of situations and all types of properties. Keep reading to explore some of the top reasons for using land survey services.

Verifying Property Boundaries

Verifying the boundaries of properties is one of the most common reasons to use land survey services in Brownsville. Surveyors can verify and mark the boundaries to ensure that the dimensions and total size of the property are accurately recorded.

Property Development and Construction Projects

Land survey services in Brownsville are often necessary before the start of property development and other construction projects. Along with verifying boundaries, you may need a detailed assessment of the topography of the property.

A topographic survey maps out the physical features of the land. This may include the elevation and slopes of the terrain, trees, and physical structures.

Legal Compliance

A survey may be needed to comply with certain regulations or zoning ordinances. A land surveyor can ensure that your project complies with all applicable requirements.

Real Estate Transactions

Southpoint Surveying Company and other surveyors offer mortgage land surveys to help with the completion of real estate transactions. Lenders and homebuyers may want a survey to verify the value of a property before completing a real estate transaction.

Accurate surveys are also frequently needed when obtaining title insurance. A title insurance company may want to verify the details of the property before approving an insurance policy.

These are a few of the reasons to consider arranging a survey of your property. No matter the situation, you should only rely on qualified surveyors to complete your survey.

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