Top Reasons To Buy An Electronic Cigarette

If you are a smoker that has recently found his or herself being shunned and feeling like an unwelcome person in a business, workplace or public area, you have probably started to seriously consider purchasing an electronic cigarette.

You may have even spent some time browsing online to find out how much it costs to buy an electronic cigarette and what is involved in the care, upkeep and use of the device. If you have, then you have probably been surprised at just how reasonable this alternative to traditional cigarettes really is.

However, there are other benefits to electronic cigarettes than just saving money over traditional cigarettes. Reviewing just a few of these benefits will help to erase any doubt and know that it is time to make the change.

No More Smoky Smell

While you may love the taste of a cigarette, no one likes that stale smoke odor that permeates your clothing, your hair, your home, car and even your skin. When you make the decision to buy an electronic cigarette you get rid of that stale smoke smell forever while still having the ability to enjoy the tobacco taste that you love.

Different Flavors

Regardless of your personal preference for tobacco flavors, there are e-cig flavors to match your personal tastes. You can select specific blends or types of tobaccos or try exotic fruit combinations, specialty flavors, nutty or spicy blends or even flavors of your favorite beverages.

Various companies will also offer special house blends of e-juice or nicotine juice and you can select the amount of nicotine, from 0 to as high as 24 mg/ml, depending on the specific flavor and brand, to suit your personal preference.

Smoking without Guilt

Another major consideration when you buy an electronic cigarette from Mount Baker Vapor is the guilt free smoking pleasure that you can enjoy. Since the e-cig only releases harmless water vapor there is no concern about secondary smoke exposure or smoking in an area that is designated as smoke free.

However, it is important to realize when you buy an electronic cigarette that some areas will still prohibit the use of the product. These usually include special settings such as courtrooms, educational facilities and perhaps even in some health care facilities. Other than those specific settings you will find that you can enjoy a smoke anywhere with an e-cigarette.

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