Top Non-Surgical Facelifts to Consider Trying

When you are considering a facelift of any kind, it’s important to determine exactly what it is you want to improve and what you want to do to improve your look. There are many different non-surgical facelifts in Chicago that people undergo to remove those wrinkles and make them appear to be younger. If you aren’t sure which facelift option is for you, read on below for a few of the top options.


Botox works to tighten the skin so that it can no longer relax. If the skin can’t relax then it can’t form wrinkles. This is the most common and the most popular form of non-surgical facelift in Chicago area. A professional plastic surgeon can help and tell you more about the procedure if this is the route you choose to take.

Ultra Sound and Laser Treatments

This type of treatment actually mimics a facelift without the actual surgery. This is a cost-effective option that has no downtime, meaning you can have the treatment done and go right back to your normal, everyday life. When combined with a filler and Botox, this procedure leaves you with a gorgeous, younger looking face, without the risks of having a surgery to contend with or a down time period where you can’t go about your everyday activities.

What is Most Effective?

There honestly is no clear path to having a facelift without having the surgery required to make you look younger. The best option is the one that works the best for you. You should make an appointment with your doctor and discuss the options that you are best suited to undergo.

These are just a few of the options for non-surgical facelifts in Chicago. For more information, contact Adam J Cohen MD now for help.

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