Top Five Ways to Soothe A Sore Neck at Home While Recovering

If you are suffering from neck pain in Jacksonville and you are still recovering, then you should learn to manage your pain with as little medicine as possible. There are different types and causes of neck pain. Regardless, doing these steps during recovery can surely help you manage the pain.

Cold Compress

A cold compress like using ice packs can help reduce inflammation. Inflammation and swelling due to slip and fall are among the causes of neck pain.

Hot Compress

If you can’t stand cold compress, you can use a hot compress to help your neck muscle relax. You can even use a hot bath to calm down the pain in your neck.

Make It a Habit to Use Neck Collar

Try a more comfortable position for your neck by wearing a soft neck collar from time to time. Don’t overuse it though. Over-usage of neck collar has been associated with weaker neck muscles.

Do Therapeutic Exercises

There are pain recovery centers that provide physical therapy for neck pain. They also provide therapeutic exercises that help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Be Careful with Your Sleeping Position

Pay attention to your sleeping position all the time. Keep the pressure and weight off your neck by lying on your back, as much as you can.

Use pillows that will provide you the utmost comfort. There are neck pillows that are specifically designed for sleeping. Invest with one and reap its advantage in the future.

If you are managing your neck pain in Jacksonville, try these simple home remedies first. As it eases the pain, it also reduces your need for pain medication and reduces the risk of substance abuse.

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