Top Five Reasons to Live in Chelsea New York

If you are seeking an Apt For Sale In Chelsea New York but are uncertain if this the area for your, here are the top five reasons Chelsea has become one of the most sought after areas in Manhattan’s West Side:

1. Still Up and Coming: Every city sees its neighborhoods’ experience cyclical changes that introduce up and coming areas at a staggering pace. Chelsea is the up and coming neighborhood in NYC at the moment. Stunning apartments, condos and revamped homes are situated in this charming area that still maintains a small town feel in a vast metropolis. These conversions have seen the housing prices begin to soar. Now is the time to buy and/or rent as the area is growing.

2. Parks and Greenery: The High Line was founded in 1999, a greenway that was built along an abandoned freight rail. An el line that spans high above the city streets this conversion has brought greenery to a once dilapidated eye sore. This is an ideal place to stroll, jog or sit quietly and contemplate amongst diverse gardens, benches and paths. This is not the only park in the area. Chelsea is home to many green spaces including dog runs, Hudson River Park and Chelsea Sculpture Park.

3. Shops and Restaurants: Chelsea is home to one of the most diverse assortment of shops and restaurants making eating out easy with so many choices. From Chinese to Cajun, soul food to the trendiest and most elegant dining, there is always somewhere to go that is new and exciting. Boutiques provide everything from books to fashion.

4. Art and Culture: Chelsea has long been known for its art galleries and at last count there were close to fifty. A love for theatre and dance is also embraced with many refurbished theatres such as Chelsea’s Elgin Theatre.

5. Low Crime Rate: Chelsea is also a safe neighborhood ranking 62nd on a list of 73 districts for top felonies. This places it low on the list of dangerous areas and it is viewed as relatively safe by police.

If you were uncertain about seeking an Apt For Sale In Chelsea New York, now is the time to join the many professionals flocking to this highly desirable area.

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