Tips on Stopping Leaky Pipes until an Emergency Plumber in Long Beach can Handle the Issue

Having a pipe that is leaking in a home, can be very troubling no matter when it might occur. However, if the leak happens after normal business hours or on the weekend, it can make things even more difficult. Many times a homeowner may have a difficult time finding an Emergency Plumber in Long Beach who can handle the job in a timely manner. When this type of situation occurs, it can help if the homeowner knows a few things that they can do to help eliminate the problem until a plumber can take care of the problem.

One of the first things that a homeowner will want to do is turn the water off that is supplying the area where the leak is occurring. This can often be done by turning one of the shut off valves off in the home. These are generally found under faucets and behind the toilets. If this does not stop the flow of water, then it may be necessary to shut off the main control valve. Most main water valves are often found near the water meter, which is sometimes located at the back of the home or near the street. Water valves can have a knob that is similar to a sprinkler control valve or it may require the use of a tool, such as a wrench, to turn it on or off.

Once the water is off, the homeowner may find it helpful to try to locate where the leak is coming from. This can be a difficult job since water travels and so it may be a challenge to determine where the water is actually coming from. Very often, homeowners find it necessary to wait for a professional who is experienced in such matters to find the leak. However, some homeowners may be able to find the leak on their own.

If the homeowner is able to locate the leak and it is a hairline crack in the pipe, he or she may be able to use a leak repair kit from a local hardware store to stop the leak until a Plumber can get to the problem. Many kits contain a rubber pad that covers the crack and then wraps around the pipe. This is held in place by a metal plate. This can be helpful in allowing water usage until the plumber can arrive to correct the problem.