Tips on Picking Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Installation in Newnan, GA

A smoke detector is one of the best ways to stay safe from fire and limit harm. If you install and care for them correctly, they can warn you of trouble at the first sign of smoke and cut the risk of death in half.

Here are some tips on choosing the best smoke detectors for fire alarm installation in Newnan GA.

Research Alarms

Get new alarms immediately if the ones you have are more than ten years old or your home doesn’t have any. You should learn about the different kinds of smoke sensor alarms before you buy one. You can choose the best device that fits your safety needs and budget because it comes in a range of brands, models, and price points.

Purchase Enough

How many alarms you need will depend on how your house is set up, but you should put at least one on each level, one in each bedroom, and one outside every sleeping area. Don’t forget to count the basement and attics as different levels when counting how many devices you need.

Test Alarms

After fire alarm installation in Newnan, GA, make sure everyone in the house can test them. Each person should press the test button on their own device to make sure that everyone can easily recognize the alarm sound. This first test is also a good time to talk about your home escape plan, including how to get out of the house and where to meet outside.

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