Tips On Handling Issues With A Garage Door Opener In Honolulu That Is Not Working Properly

Many times when a homeowner finds that their Garage Door Opener Honolulu will not work properly they may wish to do some troubleshooting on their own to see if they may be able to fix the problem without needing to call a repair person. Fortunately, there are several different issues, which a homeowner may be able to handle on their own with just a few tools and a bit of time.

One of the first things that will need to be determined is whether the issue of the door not working properly is caused by the opener or the door system. This can generally be determined by pulling the emergency release cord on the opener. This releases the trolley on the drive chain, which will allow the door to be lifted manually. If this can be done, then the issue generally is with the garage door opener.

It is very important to check some of the basics on the system at this time. A homeowner will want to make sure the unit is receiving electricity by checking the wiring or plug on the unit. In addition, it is a good idea to make sure that a circuit breaker has not caused the unit to receive no power. If the issue began with a remote opener, it is a good idea to check the opening device on the wall of the garage to ensure the issue is not with the remote.

Often the cause of a garage door opener not working correctly can be the safety sensors that are located on either side of the garage door frame about four to six inches from the floor. These devices work by sending a beam from one side of the door to the lens on the other side of the doorway. If anything is blocking this beam, the door will not close properly. Many times a lens can become dirty and this can result in it not receiving the beam properly. Cleaning the lens can often help this problem. These devices must be in proper alignment or they will not work so it is a good idea to check this.

If the issue is still not resolved and the homeowner can hear the motor working on the unit, it may be that the inner workings of the Garage Door Opener Honolulu, such as the drive gears, may have become worn or damaged and need replacing by a professional.

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