Tips On Choosing A Tree Specialist

A tree specialist is an individual who cares for trees on a professional basis. The need for tree service is very apparent where there are numerous trees on a property or when trees which have died or are dying begin to pose a hazard. Choosing the right tree specialist in St. Augustine FL is not difficult as long as you know what to look for.

Not all companies that offer tree service are the same; you need to make sure that the company you engage for tree service has the skills and knowledge to handle the specific needs of the trees on your property. If you simply need a dead tree removed that requires no specific knowledge of the tree type but it does mean that the company you hire to do this task is bonded and insured in the event of an accident and that they agree that a part of their service is removing all the debris from the area. The primary consideration when tree removal is the task is safety and overall efficiency.

Hiring a tree service to care for live trees is something else again. If you need a service to remove dead or dangerous limbs, selective pruning or topping the tree, hire an arborist. An arborist, often called a “tree surgeon” has specific skills and uses a number of specialist techniques when dealing with trees. To properly shape, prune and otherwise care for live trees requires a great deal of skill and should you hire someone who lacks the skills you may find out that your trees are butchered beyond repair, if they are left they will grow irregularly and often this amateurish treatment results in disease.

A high quality company that offers tree service will not only be bonded and fully insured, they will employ arborists and they will be happy to offer written proposals for the work you want done. It is always a good idea to request proposals from at least three reputable tree service companies, this will allow you to compare offers but with three quotes you will know which companies are on target, in this way you will be comfortable with the company you ultimately go with. When comparing the offers make sure that clean up and removal is included.

A reputable company providing tree service will be able to help you attain your overall landscaping goals. The arborist knows which trees have a tendency to cripple or hinder the growth of grass and plants and knows what trees should look like so that over time they can be shaped to perfection.

Tree Medic Tree Surgeons, Inc. is a high quality, reputable company that offers tree service. The company is fully insured and has the tools and skills to handle any and all tree care requirements that you have.

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