Tips for Home Improvement in Livonia that Add Value to Your Home

The real estate market is slowly coming out of its slump, and if you have been thinking about selling your MI home, the time will soon come when you can actually do it. If you are however thinking of little ways to improve the value of your home without breaking bank, there is a couple of home improvement in Livonia tips that you can employ.

The best place to start with home improvement in Livonia is to remodel your kitchen. You don’t have to go all out to have a great cooking space. In fact, your kitchen remodelling should not overshadow the rest of the house. Start with a fresh coat of paint as this can make all the difference. Choose modern colors, and preferably use low-VOC paint. This type of paint is eco-friendly and devoid of benzene among other dangerous chemicals that aren’t good for you. Be sure to install energy efficient appliances. These will save you money as well as attract potential buyers.

Another great home improvement in Livonia project is deck addition. Hiring a contractor as opposed to doing it yourself is a great way to guarantee the best results. Decks are great outdoor spaces for people to relax in. Having a great back yard in addition to a deck can improve your home’s re-sale value by up to 90% of the initial investment. Some of the accessories you may want to consider to make your new living space as attractive as possible include multiple stairs, extra space, built-in seating and built-in flower pots among others.

Lastly, consider including a bathroom addition as part of your home improvement in Livonia project. This is especially the case of you have only one bathroom. The increase in resale value by this relatively simple addition is usually above 80% of your initial investment. Any underutilized spaces or extra rooms can be converted into extra bathrooms. The size of the bathroom will of course depend on your budget and the amount of space that you have available. Olson Cement Work and Construction is the best company to hire for these remodelling projects. With years of experience and competent staff, you are guaranteed a great result that will add maximum value to your home.

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