Tips for Getting Fabulous-Looking Hair Extensions in Roseville

Whether you’re trying to plump up thinner hair or you just want to add some length, hair extensions can help. Although most salons in Roseville offer hair extension services, you should invest in the best quality product and stylist you can afford for the most natural-looking results. If you’re thinking of trying Hair Extensions in Roseville, keep reading for some tips to help ensure you end up with the fabulous locks you’ve always wanted.

Find an Experienced Stylist

Although any certified cosmetologist is qualified to put in extensions, you should look for a stylist with experience. A stylist who hasn’t had enough hands-on time putting in extensions won’t be able to achieve the natural, effortless look of a hair extension specialist. To find a stylist who’s well-versed in hair extension techniques, visit Hoshall’s Salon and Spa in the Roseville area.

Synthetic Vs. Natural Hair

Hair Extensions in Roseville can either be synthetic hair or natural human hair, and there are pros and cons to each type. Synthetic hair extensions are much more budget-friendly, but they are very easily damaged by the heat and chemicals used in everyday hair styling. Natural hair extensions are very easy to care for and maintain, but quality hair can be expensive. If you’re having extensions put in short-term for a special event, you’ll probably do fine with a synthetic product, but natural human hair usually works best for long-term use.

Match Colors Correctly

To get a perfect color match, look at the color of your hair near the middle of your strand down to the tips. This is the area where the extension will be most visible. Never match extensions near the root because your hair is usually darker as it grows in. For the most natural look, hold up possible extension colors to older hair growth.

Think About Maintenance

There are many methods of attaching hair extensions, and some require more frequent upkeep than others. For example, pre-bonded extensions are a great low-maintenance choice because they are more resistant to shedding, meaning fewer trips to the salon. On the other hand, the glue-less micro-ring extension method makes styling super-simple, but you’ll need to revisit the salon every month or so to have your extensions tightened.

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance the beauty of your natural locks. With the right stylist and a few practical considerations, your new hair will be sure to turn heads.


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