Tips for Upselling Belts

When you are buying a selection of wholesale fashion belts for your shop you want to be certain you use them as an excellent item for up selling. Here are a few tips to help you and your sales team keep fashion belts moving.

The Tuck
Many people will wear a tee with a skirt and/or pants and even though they are slim they are left with a messy, lumpy disaster at and around the waistline. Recommend larger belts to accent the waistline as well as to hide the lumps.

The Loose Look
It is easy to take a slack, loose fitting dress and turn it into something a little retro and sexy by wearing a belt that hangs loosely from the waist and hips. This look is ideal for tunic style shirts and sweaters with leggings or skinny jeans as well. Any basic belt will do just worn at the loosest hole.

The Skinny Waist Snug
When wearing a layered look with a heavier, longer cardigan or jacket a skinny belt pulled snug at the waist will accent the narrow waited for a sexier more professional look.

The Tight Fitting Dress
For plain, tight fitting dresses that look a little blase or worse a little too revealing on some of the body’s less flattering assets a wide, thick belt worn right at the waist line will add interest as well as help “hold things in”.

Flirty Skirty
Those short and flirty skirts that are full of flair and pattern can be “settled” with a thin belt with some embellishments such as metal rivets and rhinestones. Worn around the unattractive elastic waistband they also provide a more finished look.

Trouser Troubles
Those unattractive trousers many clients get caught having to wear to the office can be a little more fashion savvy with the addition of an extra long skinny belt notched and then looped.

Sexy Overcoats
Mini style overcoats can be made all the more sexy with the accent of a double wide belt worn snug around the waist. This gives a 60’s high fashion vibe and is perfect for both overcoats as well as sexy fingertip length business jackets.

All of these suggestions will help you select your next order of wholesale fashion belts as well as to assist sales.