Tips for Shopping at Smoke Shops in Seattle, WA

Now that the decision is made to switch to electronic cigarettes, there is the matter of where to purchase supplies. The good news is that there are Smoke Shops in Seattle WA, that carry a full line of everything needed to enjoy these alternatives to tobacco. While at the shop, here are some tips that will help the customer make the right purchasing decisions.

Checking Out the Range of Flavor Cartridges

Part of the fun of this type of smoking is the ability to enjoy cartridges in many different flavors. Some of theme are very basic, like cherry and strawberry. Others are more on the exotic end of the spectrum, allowing those who want to try something different a chance to experiment. Along with picking up some favorite flavors from those Smoke Shops in Seattle WA, try out a flavor that is a little out of the box. There is a good chance of finding a new taste that will also become a favorite.


When looking at the inventory, it pays to make sure that those cartridges are compatible with the electronic cigarette the customer owns. This is easy enough, since the packaging for the cartridge will identify the brands it will fit. Remember that it never pays to take a quick look before buying anything, since that will ensure there are no sad surprises when the customer arrives home.

What About Accessories?

Those smoke shops sell more than cartridges. They will also carry a full line of electronic cigarette kits that come with everything from cases to cleaning supplies. Take a moment and look around. The customer may like the idea of a sleek silver case that will fit neatly into the jacket pocket and provides the ideal way to carry along a cigarette and a couple of cartridges.

For anyone who would like to give electronic cigarettes a try, visit and check out the various offerings. After testing a few flavors and identifying the ones that are particularly appealing, it will be easy enough to stop by every now and then and see what else the shop has to offer. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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