Tips for Pruning Trees Arlington

Trees are perennial plants that serve many functions. These plants produce oxygen, stabilize soil, prevent soil erosion, provide shading, and offer aesthetic enhancement. Sometimes it’s necessary to prune a tree. This involves removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches and stems. This is done to protect the health of the tree, to maintain the natural form of the tree, and various other reasons. To ensure that minimal tree parts are removed in a safe manner, use the following guidelines for Pruning trees Arlington.

Before you start Pruning trees Arlington, decide exactly why you want to prune the tree. This will help you decide which parts to prune. It will also help you know which tools are needed. Common tools for pruning include loppers, a pruning saw and hand pruners. Hand pruners are usually either bypass pruners or anvil pruners. Bypass pruners have two sharp blades. This results in a clean removal. An anvil pruner has one sharp blade and one dull blade. This can cause damage to tree tissue since more force is needed to cut through the tree part. These tools are primarily used to go through wood that is .5 to .75 inches thick. A lopper can be used to cut wood ranging from .75 to 1.50 inches thick. A pruning saw can be used to cut through thicker tree stems and branches approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Remember that a tree does not heal its wounds. It seals a cut by growing a callus. This protective tissue helps prevent tree decay. Try not to leave nubs when you cut. This can cause an inability to form a complete callus to cover the cut. Locate the branch collar and branch bark ridge when you intend to remove a branch from the trunk of the tree. Avoid these areas since they contain the chemicals used to from calluses. Use 3 or 4 cuts to prevent cutting into these tree areas.

By using these and other tips for Pruning trees Arlington, you can enhance the health of your tree and create a well-formed tree. For more information on tree pruning services, please visit the website of Business name Arlington. This business provides many services including tree trimming, tree removal, emergency tree removal, insurance claims, and arborist consultations. Click here for more information.

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