Tips for Moving Refrigerators and Freezers

If you plan to move your appliances, you’ll need to take special care. It’s easy to damage modern appliances and freezers and refrigerators can be expensive. Here are some things which many local moving companies in Nashville recommend, for proper refrigerator care on moving day.

Dolly Rental

Do you plan to move major appliances? If so, you should have a helper and a sturdy appliance dolly. You can get them at a local rental center and the rental price is well worth it. Since you are moving locally, you can keep the dolly until you have unloaded your appliances at your new home.

Preparation is Important

Make sure to remove all food items and wash the inside and outside. After unplugging the power cord, you’ll want to tape the cord or use zip ties. Make sure it doesn’t drag on the floor or get in the way.

Take out all the trays and any removable parts. This keeps them from banging around during transit and becoming damaged. Make sure the drain pain has been removed and dumped also. There is a lot to do when moving refrigerators and freezers and professional help may be a good idea. Local moving companies in Nashville have years of experience with appliance moving and will take good care of your things.

Always place your appliances in the upright position when moving and loading onto the truck. If you lay refrigerators or upright freezers down, it may cause them to stop working.


Have you thought about selling your refrigerator (especially if it is several years old)? New refrigerators are more energy efficient and will provide many years of dependable service. This will help you avoid the possibility of damages and all the hassles of moving. Also, if you don’t move heavy appliances, you can save money on fees from local moving companies in Nashville.

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