Tips for keeping glass shower doors looking smart

Installing glass shower doors in your Seattle home can make your bathroom look bright, airy, and spacious. They’re certainly a fantastic and stylish contemporary replacement for shower curtains. They’re also much more hygienic – you don’t end up with water dripping onto your bathroom floor while you’re showering, which cuts down on the risk of dampness seeping into your flooring and walls. They’re also much less prone to accumulating mold, which can be a major respiratory health hazard, particularly if you have infants, seniors or asthma sufferers in the house. In the damp climate around Seattle, that’s an important concern.

However, glass shower doors will gradually build up mold and dirt along the edges if not properly looked after. And, like any other glass product, they will also lose their sparkle if you don’t clean them regularly. In bathrooms, most of this will come from soap residue, which can be surprisingly hard to get rid of. glass shower doors Seattle
The best solution is to squeegee after every shower. Just scrape it down after each time you use it, and don’t give the soap a chance to build up. It helps if you keep a squeegee in the shower along with everything else. However, realistically, this method rarely works for long. When you’re in a hurry, you promise yourself you’ll do it later, and then you never do. And since when did kids and teenagers ever clean up after themselves? You might as well face it, eventually you’ll need to deal with that soapy muck. There are lots of different ideas on how to deal with this. We looked around at the various ways professional cleaners and housewives recommend for keeping your glass shower doors clean.

White vinegar – spray this neat onto the shower door, leave it, then rinse off with hot water.

Ecover limescale remover – an ecological alternative to standard cleaners.

Magic Eraser – easy and effective, a housewives’ favorite.

Use body wash instead of soap – this doesn’t produce as much residue, so you reduce the problem.

Rubbing alcohol – put some in a spray bottle and use that instead of commercial cleaning spray.

Shampoo – you’re bound to have some of this in the shower already. Put on a cloth, apply generously, leave for a minute, then rinse off.
Liquid fabric softener – mix ½ cup with 1 pint warm water.

Grapefruit and salt – cut a grapefruit in half, and sprinkle salt all over it, then use that to clean the glass shower door.
Lemon oil – coat the shower door in this when it’s clean, and the soap residue won’t stick to it.

Commercial glass and tile water repellant and cleaners – do the same job as lemon oil.

Do you have any special ways for keeping your bathroom looking great?

Glass Doctor of Seattle provide ten top tips for keeping your glass shower doors looking good. Call 206.337.2376 today for more information on improving your bathroom.

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