Tips for Choosing Flooring Tiles

Whether you are renovating, finishing up an addition or building a new home, you know that sometimes the hardest part can be making decisions. When it comes to flooring, it doesn’t really get any easier. You have carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, bamboo, concrete, slate, marble and many other types of flooring to choose from. But the decisions don’t stop there. If you choose tile, you have different materials, colors, sizes, shapes, lay patterns and even grout color. Here are a few tips to help you decide what flooring tiles are the best fit for your space.

Evaluate the Space and Choose a Material

Not every tile is a good fit for the space in question. For example, marble wouldn’t go in the garage and slate normally wouldn’t go in a bedroom. For bathrooms and kitchens you will need something that will hold up under extreme humidity, isn’t too slippery and is easy to clean; ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are all great options for this type of environment. For an industrial environment you may want to choose vinyl, rubber or linoleum. Outside, slate or stone will keep the outdoors looking and feeling natural, not to mention it really can take the elements in stride.

Warehouse Flooring Tiles

Studies suggest that hard linoleum and concrete flooring found in most warehouses, factories and retail stores are quite hazardous to employees’ health over long periods of time. For people that are on their feet for long hours every day, foot surgeries, back problems and fatigue are all common ailments due to hard flat flooring. A new development in the industry has arrived, virtually eliminating all of these problems not only easily but cost efficiently as well. Anti-fatigue rubber tiling is simple to install, will last for years and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You don’t need any adhesive, grout or specialist in order to install it. They simply snap together over your existing flooring. Because of the heavy duty skid resistant materials these tiles will stay in place and do not pose a slip hazard. These tiles aren’t just great for industrial, retail and warehouse use; they are also perfect for any garage or workspace. They will deter damage to the feet and back and prevent pain from long hours on the hard concrete floor.


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