Tips for Finding the Best Dentist for Your Needs in Heber Springs

Have you recently moved and now you need to find a new dentist? If so, you may wonder how to go about choosing a dentist in Heber Springs. Since you are new to the area, asking those you know for recommendations isn’t possible, as you aren’t familiar with your co-workers and who you can count on for good advice. Although this does make it slightly harder to find the right dental practice, it can still be done. Here are some tips to help make the process easier.

During your initial consultation with a dentist, ask why they are recommending certain treatments. For example, if the dentist says you need a root canal, ask how they came to this conclusion. Ask the dentist to show you, using x-rays, mirrors, and more, exactly why he or she believes this is the best treatment for you. Although this won’t work in certain situations, as the problem resides in the inner portion of the tooth, the dentist should still be able to explain it to you clearly.

Inform the dentist that you plan to get a second opinion. A reputable dentist won’t mind if you request a second opinion. In fact, many recommend you do so before you even bring the subject up. They understand that you are spending money to have your teeth fixed and don’t want any unnecessary work done. It never hurts to ask, just to see what the dentist says in this situation, as it can tell you a great deal about whether they are more concerned about the money or about your oral health.

When a dentist recommends tooth-colored fillings to replace ones you currently have, as a cosmetic or preventative measure, you need to continue looking. Although there are certain situations when a filling must be replaced, such as when the filling is broken or damage, this should not be done regularly. As mentioned above, when a dentist recommends this type of procedure, have him or her show you why he or she feels this is the best course of action for you.

Many turn to Dr. Jason Bolding when they are in need of a dentist in Heber Springs. Dr. Bolding strives to offer friendly, quality service to every patient in an atmosphere which is gentle and caring. Patient care remains the top priority at all times, and it shows in everything this dental practice does. Visit us to know more.

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