Tips A Coin Dealer in Oklahoma City Uses To Clean Coins

As a coin collection sits in storage, it is inevitable that it will attract dust and grime on its surface that diminishes the beauty and luster of each coin. Therefore, the coins must be kept clean and should undergo cleaning on a regular basis. Here are some helpful tips that even a Coin Dealer in Oklahoma City uses.

Make A Coin Bath

This can be done relatively easy. The two ingredients needed are salt and isopropyl alcohol. The two chemicals are acidic and abrasive and can dissolve things that a normal soap and water solution cannot. Remember, however, that isopropyl alcohol has a very strong smell and is also flammable. Make sure to open a window when cleaning with this chemical.

To make the solution, mix one cup of isopropyl alcohol with two tablespoons of salt and let the coins soak in them. The length of time to soak the coins can be anywhere from 24 hours to an entire week depending on how dirty the coins are.

After the coins are through soaking, rinse them well with distilled water. Avoid using tap water, as tap water contains chlorine that can harm the coins over time. Distilled water can be purchased at any supermarket. After Rinsing is complete, dab them dry with a clean cloth to remove any moisture. Place the coins in acid-free plastic sleeves specified for archival use. This will reduce the amount of dust and dirt that collects on the coins in the future.

Call A Professional

If the coins are highly collectible and worth a significant amount of money, it is probably best to contact a Coin Dealer in Oklahoma City that also specializes in cleaning high-end coins. This will alleviate any stress and doubt that may occur when the collector is cleaning the coins themselves. A professional cleaner will have the right solutions and equipment to make sure the job is done perfectly with no harm done to the coins.

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