Three Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Generator in New Jersey

If you live in an area that loses power regularly, you have probably considered visiting one of the Generac generators in New Jersey for a backup generator. A Generac generator is a great first line of defense against power loss. It will prevent your food from spoiling and your home from becoming uncomfortable or even unlivable in the event of long-term power loss. If you are in the shopping at Generac generator dealers in New Jersey, consider the following before making your choice.


There is no point in purchasing a generator that won’t properly power your home. Make sure you are purchasing one with the right wattage. To do this, consider everything you need to power in the home and add their respective wattage then add some wattage for a buffer just in case you need more power in the future. Don’t forget to paying attention to each device’s needs for running watts.


Purchase a generator with both the right kind of outlets and the right number. Some A/C units may require a certain style of 30-watt outlet, so get a generator that can accommodate the A/C unit’s plug.


When you are shopping at Generac generator dealers in New Jersey, look at each generator’s run time at half load. The longer the run time is, the better. At a minimum, your generator should have a half load run time of at least 10 hours when you need it most.

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