Three Signs that Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

The average homeowner doesn’t pay much attention to the maintenance of their AC system until it stops working. However, once your AC has a major problem, you can assume that it’s going to cost a bit of money and time to get it fixed. With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can prevent expensive repairs and inconvenient outages. If you forget to schedule regular maintenance, you should at least pay attention to the warning signs that your AC may be at risk of breaking down. Before you end up with a broken HVAC system, consider these signs that you may need AC repair in Alexandria.

Your Air Conditioner Emits Inconsistent Temperatures

Your thermostat should be a reliable indicator of the overall temperature in your home. If you notice that some rooms are cooler or hotter than others, you may need to adjust your thermostat to ensure it’s reading the temperature properly. If your thermostat is working fine, there could be a problem with the duct work of your HVAC system or a problem within the unit itself. When you begin to notice that a room in your home isn’t as comfortable as it should be, you should schedule an appointment for AC repair in Alexandria.

You Notice Leaks Around Your Outside Unit

There is a normal amount of water that should drain from your unit or a pipe installed near your unit. However, if you notice an abnormal amount of water around your unit, especially if the unit doesn’t kick on frequently throughout the day, you could have a problem with the condenser or the drainage system. If left unattended for too long, this could lead to permanent damage of your system that will require an expensive replacement rather than affordable repairs.

Your AC Unit Makes Too Much Noise

The average AC unit will make some noise when it turns on and off. However, if you notice that your unit increases the noises it makes or the noises become extremely loud, it could be from a variety of problems. Because you will need a professional to assess your unit and determine the source of the problem, it’s best to call for AC repair in Alexandria as soon as possible. With proper maintenance and timely repairs, your AC unit can last a decade or more without any major problems.

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