Three Reasons to Train for TEFL Jobs for Teaching

by | Mar 4, 2013 | education

Are you looking for a new, rewarding job? Do you want to travel abroad and gain the opportunity to pass on your wisdom to people from all walks of life? If so, TEFL jobs for teaching will be perfect for you. Increasing in popularity, TEFL jobs for teaching are suitable for individuals who have a passion for traveling, a good grasp of the English language and exceptional communication skills. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a foreign language and with some basic training and education you could browse through the database of TEFL jobs for teaching and jet off to a destination of your choice.

Learn Various Teaching Strategies

When you get involved in TEFL jobs for teaching you will be expected to teach English to many different people. You need patience and the ability to implement various teaching strategies in every lesson. It will be easier to get a job once you have undergone training and during the teacher training process you will discover teaching methods like ‘PPP’. This stands for Presentation, Practice and Production and this technique focuses on the presentation of the targeted language. Student talk is influenced at this time. Another strategy is ‘ESA’, which stands for Engage, Study and Activate. This is more flexible than ‘PPP’.

Improve Confidence in Social Situations

As a teacher you will be expected to talk to students face-to-face and this requires a lot of confidence. If you currently lack the confidence you desire you can guarantee that TEFL jobs for teaching will make social situations much easier for you. You will need to complete speaking practice in front of your class of students and put students into pairs. When focusing on pairwork, it is essential that you encourage communication by rotating around the classroom and as time progresses, not only will the students’ communication improve but also, your own.

Increased Annual Salary

Do you feel as though you possess a lot of skills but don’t get paid enough for your efforts? If so, turn your attention to TEFL jobs for teaching because when you get a job like this you will receive a healthy wage packet every month. This mounts up to an increased annual salary and if you are certified, your wages will be higher. If you get a teaching contract for 26 hours per week, you will earn enough to afford living costs and to have a social life. The chances of pay negotiation are low but you can find a suitable wage by checking out what rates of pay are like in different countries.

The more skills you possess, the more opportunities you will have for TEFL jobs for teaching. To view TEFL resources and to check out jobs in China, Japan and other countries around the world, visit


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