Three Major Advantages of Going With a 20 x 20 Trade Show Booth in Orlando

A 20×20 trade show booth is an extremely popular size amongst companies and brands at trade shows. When companies exhibit at trade shows, they want to achieve maximum impact, reaching as many potential clients and customers as possible. Having the right trade show booth can make that possible. Following are some key reasons that you should consider a 20×20 trade show booth for your next trade show appearance.

Return-on-investment Is High

A 20 x 20 trade show booth allows you to fully showcase your brand’s capabilities and strengths. You can add everything from digital displays to beautiful posters. When you compare the relative low cost of the booth to the positive response that the booth could attract, getting a booth this size makes absolute sense.

Establishes Credibility

Because you’ll be able to market and showcase your brand as you see fit, the sheer breadth and size of the booth will help lend your business the credibility that it needs. You’ll be able to tell the brand story that you need to tell.

More People Can Stop By

Large booths mean that you’ll be able to have larger groups of people stop by. This is especially important when customers or companies circulate the trade show in groups. You can focus on speaking with one group of people while another group looks at the marketing materials you’ve brought.

At Rockway Exhibits & Events, we’re looking forward to helping you plan your next big trade show appearance. Contact us via phone or online for more info.

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