Things To Look For In Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse sticks are a vital piece of equipment to play lacrosse, whether you are a man or a woman. The quality of lacrosse sticks will determine how long it lasts and how valuable it is when playing the game. Because you are required to scoop the ball, dodge opponents and score goals, the search for a stick must be very in-depth and precise. It is possible to customize sticks by choosing the head and shaft separately. However, most players will opt for lacrosse sticks that are put together already, so that a game of lacrosse can take place immediately.

Lacrosse Sticks – Length

Based on your experience and your height, you need to choose lacrosse sticks with an appropriate length. It is easier for a woman to search for lacrosse sticks, because normally these will be sold at a set length. This standard length will enable any female player to effectively perform in defense and attack positions. On the other hand, males will need to select a length based on their requirements. The recommended stick length for a man in an attack position will be 40-42 inches. If a man is competing in a defense position, the lacrosse sticks should be at least 52-72 inches.

Lacrosse Sticks – Weight

The lacrosse sticks will be on your person throughout the entire game, meaning that you need to pay attention to the weight. Lacrosse sticks that are too heavy will tire you out quickly and if you purchase sticks that are too light, you will lack power and force to play the game properly. Selecting shafts and heads that are relatively lightweight will enable you to increase shot speeds and maneuver around the indoor or outdoor court easily. If you are playing in an attack position, maneuverability will be a must, so a light stick will be desirable. Nevertheless, heavy and thick lacrosse sticks will make it easy to defend during a game of lacrosse.

Lacrosse Sticks – Materials

The final thing to look at when you choose appropriate lacrosse sticks will be the materials. If the lacrosse sticks have soft mesh in the head, the catching of a ball will be effortless. Although this is worthwhile in many ways, you would benefit from lacrosse sticks with durable mesh. The reason for this is because every single pass and shot will be accomplished with more force and control. Depending on what position you play and what you want to achieve from the game, the materials will be an important thing to examine. Think about how much you know about the game of lacrosse, because lacrosse sticks with narrow heads will be more suitable for advanced players.

Some popular kinds of heads to buy for lacrosse sticks will be offsets, cants, onsets and curved heads. Visit to browse through an online store and organize a trip to lacrosse camp.


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