A few things to consider when buying an Above Ground Pool

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Swimming Pools and Spas

There are a number of advantages to buying an above ground pool in Cape Coral, FL. These types of swimming pools are less expensive to purchase and install and it costs less to maintain them. A further advantage, although often not taken advantage of, is their portability. If you decide to move, you can if you so desire, break the pool down and take it to your new home and re-install it. Although most above ground pools are left in situ when moving, you have no choice if the pool is in-ground.

An in-ground pool requires a large hole to be dug in the yard; this is not the case for an above ground pool. An above ground pool can be purchased, delivered to your home and erected in a short period of time while an in-ground pool can often takes weeks of work. With an above ground pool the owner simply fills the pool and drains it at the end of the season. An in-ground pool requires frequent cleaning, regular water treatment and on-going repairs. For those homes which have a small yard, an above ground pool is ideal as they are available in a host of different sizes.

Although an above ground pool in Cape Coral, FL has a lot of built in advantages, they may not be suitable for everyone. These pools are not deep, they do not allow for diving or jumping into the pool, they are more suitable for just floating around and wading. If the purpose of the pool is to swim laps, an above ground pool will probably be the wrong choice.


As an above ground pool only needs to be filled annually, the water bill, although high during the month of filling, returns to normal for the rest of the year. Like all pools, the local by-laws may require that the pool be fenced, even though it is above ground. In many cases it is beneficial to fit the pool with a cover which keeps children, pets and debris at bay.

It does not matter what type of pool is installed; in-ground or above ground, children must be supervised at all times. Never leave pool toys in the pool when an adult is not in sight, these toys often act like a magnet for children who end up in the pool with no supervision.

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