The Versatility and Numerous Applications of Aluminum Round Bar

Aluminum stock is a commonly used product in numerous fabrication processes, from containers and pipe fittings to parts for aerospace. Milling capabilities and research and development now yield a consistent 6061 T6511 heat-treated alloys for machining. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion due to its natural aluminum oxide film. It’s easily machined and welded and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making aluminum extrusions a common application in lighter vehicles.

Aluminum Bar Applications

Applications for aluminum round stock are numerous, including fittings, couplings, railroad and trucks, aircraft construction, medical assemblies, and building components. Rods come in various lengths and thicknesses for any project type. Our aluminum round bar is sourced mainly from two mills with product lines that offer products with better tolerances than those established by the Aluminum Association.

Round Extrusion and 6061 Round Bar

A versatile type of bar is extruded round 6061 aluminum, which is suited for many applications. The ductility, malleability, and strength of aluminum in combination with its low weight make it a durable solution. Aluminum is also a very efficient heat conductor, making it a good material for car radiators, cooling and heating devices for computers, audio/visual systems and electronics, air conditioning, condenser tubes, and more.

A Leading Aluminum Bar, Plate and Extrusion Distributor

We’re a leading metal distributor with more than 80 years of experience in the industry and a provider of aluminum round stock, plate and extrusions. We also work with an extensive line of precision sawing equipment, giving us the reputation for being the best aluminum distributor for tight sawing tolerances. Our numerous value-added services also include outside processing, sawing, and custom extrusions.

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