The Various Tasks of a Disability Lawyer

In the United States there are laws that provide protection to those people who unfortunately suffer from a physical or mental challenge. Frequently, these people are discriminated against by employers who do not give them fair consideration. People with disabilities are also subjected to a denial of access to public buildings, to transportation and education. Fortunately a disability lawyer in Chicago is on hand to represent these disadvantaged members of society.

It is not only discrimination cases that disability lawyers get involved in; there is also the issue of disability compensation for those who cannot work as a result of their condition. In some cases, the individual may have private disability insurance, in other cases the disabled individual relies on assistance from the government. It is unfortunate, but the government makes it very difficult for people to claim disability compensation and often the course left open is to engage a disability lawyer in Chicago who knows what all the legal means are to see to it that his client receives compensation.

In so many cases an application for disability assistance is put in only for it to be denied, there are times when it can be difficult to prove that a disability actually exists. If the applicant is denied, there is an appeal process that can be followed. This road is not an easy one to follow, especially for a person who genuinely is disabled; it is during an appeal process when a lawyer who knows disability law in all of its finery can help their clients prove that they are disabled and that they deserve the benefits.

With disability, not everyone is fully disabled, it is quite possible to be partially disabled and not be in a position to work for a certain period of time. In cases like this, the employer will often demand that the employee report to work and perform some other function, asserting that the employee is not completely disabled. A disability lawyer in Chicago will go to bat for his client in an attempt to win benefits while off work temporarily.

All law is complex; disability law is perhaps one of the more complex legal environments. For those who feel their rights have been denied, a lawyer schooled in disability law is a must.

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