The Value Of Investing In Warehouse Ceiling Fans

One of the advantages of owning or operating a warehouse facility is the limited overhead required for the ongoing use of the facility. Typically, HVAC and even electric costs are moderate and can be easily controlled by energy-saving systems and low usage requirements.

However, in most areas of the United States, merely keeping the lighting to code and maintaining the temperature throughout the year is not the only potential operating cost. Issues with high humidity in the summer and condensation throughout the year can lead to issues with the safe storage of materials, the development of mold and mildew, and even in odors and health issues that can be problematic for visitors, customers, and employees.

The Solution

One of the most effective solutions to address several issues at the same time is the installation of specially designed warehouse ceiling fans.
These fans are designed to pull air from the sides of the structure, even in large warehouses, and create a column of moving air that distributes the warm and cold air layers and also helps to reduce overall humidity in the air by creating a constant temperature and limiting the amount of moisture the air can hold.

With the correct size and positioning of these warehouse ceiling fans, even very large warehouse complexes can have higher efficiency in temperature control as well as in regulating humidity and reducing condensation.

The Benefits

In addition to a reduction in overall humidity and issues with condensation in areas where warm, moist air and cold surfaces make contact, the choice of warehouse ceiling fans is also extremely beneficial in eliminating hot and cold spots within the facility.

Not only does this reduce the overall cost of operating the HVAC system on an annual basis, but it also makes the storage of perishable or semi-perishable products easier to manage throughout the entire warehouse.

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