The Uniqueness Of Custom Carved Doors

Some people are happy with plain, unadorned doors. They like the simple styles embodied in many American Craftsman or Shaker doors. Other people are more flamboyant. They prefer to create a unique experience for those who live in and visit their homes. For such people, plain and simple does not cut it. They want something unique. This is true for all aspects of their home including entrances and exits. As a result, for some, the solution is to choose and install carved doors.

What Are Carved Doors?

Carved doors are interior or exterior doors that are decorated by carving into the wood. They may be quite ornate or subtly embellished. In either case, they impressively display the wood carvers’ technique. The carving may be accomplished by hand or a machine. The door may be a standard door to which carving is already added or a selected existing door which is customized door. It may also be a unique creation from the very beginning.

Make Your Entrance Pop

When you decide to order and install a carved door for your entrance, you are improving the esthetic appeal of your home. A carved door easily adds elegance. Standard scrollwork and intricate designs can take your entrance to a whole new level of impressive. At the same time, you are helping to increase potential property value. Carved doors are a value added means of improving your home.

Yet, an entrance need not be somber to be attention getting. The designs available for carved doors can be quite whimsical in character. If you want a custom carved door, you can have it embellished with hearts, mythological creatures, cartoon characters, flowers and other items that appeal to your nature. With a custom carved wood door, you can be creative and let your imagination, but hopefully not your common sense, run wild.

Decorating with Carved Doors

When it comes to the interior of your home, consider what the addition of carved doors can do to the look and feel of your home. Why not replace the hollow-core flat doors with carved, solid core or solid wood ones? The overall effect is to take your home to a completely different level. Not only will solid wood carved doors add a distinct touch of personality to the rooms and spaces they adorn, they will also provide insulation.

Adding interior or exterior carved doors can give your overall home a new look. They can improve the feel and aesthetics of the residence or even business. It is a means through which you can create a unique look – one that is wholly your own.

If you are interested in purchasing and installing Carved Doors in your home or business, get in touch with those in the know – Nick’s Building Supply. At Nick’s we only sell wood doors. Whether it is for interior or exterior use, we have what you are looking for. Call 7 days a week 219-663-2279

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