The Situations that Require Garage Door Repair in Boston, MA

If you have a home that has a dedicated garage, whether it’s a single car or double car garage, you’re going to have a garage door. While most people don’t give a great deal of thought to their garage doors, there are times where this door is going to need some attention. Just like anything, occasionally there will be service and maintenance issues that need to be taking care of. In some cases, it’s simple regular service to the door’s mechanisms to help it work properly. However, in some cases the door will need to be repaired in order to work properly. In this case, a service that offers Garage Door Repair in Boston MA, is needed.


Many things can happen with a garage door that will require the services of a company like Collins Overhead Door Inc of Boston MA. For example, if you use a manual garage door, there are springs, levers, rollers and a track system that allows you to maneuver the door up and down. There also may be hinges on a folding garage door that will need to be working properly. If there is a problem in any one of these areas, your door may be very difficult to operate. In some cases, it will be impossible to open or close. In these situations, Garage Door Repair in Boston MA, will be necessary to get your garage door working again.

If you use an automatic garage door opener, you may have problems with a motor that isn’t functioning properly. Over time, these motors can begin to wear out. Where once you had a garage door that opens quickly, you now have one that opens very slowly or, in some cases, doesn’t open at all. In other situations, the sensors that are used in automatic garage door openers can fail. Where you may think you have to replace your entire automatic opener assembly, the problem may be as simple as replacing a few faulty sensors.

Whether you have a manual door or an automatic garage door, these things may need some attention from time to time. With the amount of use they get, as well is the harsh environment that they often are subjected to, having service and maintenance for your garage door is something to think about.

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