The Most Important Reasons Why Your Reputation Matters in Exporting

Every company in every industry needs a solid reputation to succeed and thrive in evolving markets. This is especially true (and to a degree, more relevant) in the exporting industry. To be successful, you need to leverage your company’s reputation to protect and enhance your business and connect with foreign clients. Your reputation matters as an international exporter, and you need to build and maintain a solid one.

Character Is Important

Lenders want to work with reliable companies, and buyers want to purchase goods and services from reputable companies that can meet their needs consistently. Your company’s image needs to evoke a sense of trustworthiness, or lenders won’t invest in you and buyers won’t purchase from you. Export credit insurance and trade financing are two methods for building a reliable operation your business partners will trust.

With trade financing, you can secure liquidity exactly when you need it. Whether you need to quickly re-stock after a massive purchase, hire additional staff for a busy season, or need cash for other operational expenses to help get your organization off the ground, trade financing can help. Although you may hesitate to take on additional debt when you’re already strapped for cash, lenders are in the business of helping exporters stay up and running.

Payment Terms

Buyers are more likely to make purchases from companies that are flexible with their payment requirements. When you adopt a rigid payment structure, such as cash-in-advance or immediate payment upon receipt, it turns potential buyers off or excludes them entirely. When you offer more flexible credit terms to buyers, they’re not only more likely to buy from you, but they’re also more likely to keep buying from you and speak highly of your professionalism and commitment to good business.

As an exporter, you’re entering a vast marketplace with innumerable competitors and new markets emerging on a consistent basis. Your potential business partners and buyers need to know your organization can handle disruptions and consistently deliver quality goods and services despite changing conditions. When you can do these things, you build a solid reputation that will carry your business through the changes that will certainly come. Drake Finance is committed to helping U.S. companies find success in the global marketplace and has a history of successes to show for it. Like you, Drake Finance knows that reputation is everything.

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