The Issues Handled By Family Law Attorneys

A family law attorney is one who focuses on issues where there is a familial relationship, the clients of Boise family law attorneys can be husbands, wives, children, grandparents as well as domestic partners. The attorney will be called upon to deal with a wide range of family oriented issues such as divorce, prenuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements, adoptions, child custody, paternity and more.

The main issues that Boise family law attorneys are faced with are legal separations and divorces. The attorney will be expected to deal with all aspects of the separation including a division of marital property, who will be the custodial parent, child visitation rights of the non custodial parent, child support and perhaps alimony. Invariably the two parties are represented by their own attorneys who are working on the same issues, hoping that a settlement acceptable to both parties can be worked out, however, if it is not possible to arrange at an amicable settlement the Boise family law attorneys will take their clients case into court where a family court judge will make a ruling. Based on the presentation of information and supporting date the judge will make a final order which settles the contentious issues once and for all.

Although the bulk of the work that is accepted by Boise family law attorneys, not all the work they are asked to do has to do with souring relationships, the attorneys are called upon when times are good as well. If a couple have tried unsuccessfully to have children of their own they will often turn to adoption and when they do a family attorney is brought in to ensure the entire process and outcome is perfectly legal. There are variables in adoption laws depending on the jurisdiction where the adoption takes place. In some areas the biological parents can retain certain parental rights over the child if they so wish, in other jurisdictions the biological parents waive all their rights.

The family law attorneys are often called upon to settle issues that have not and may never happen. Many couples find it to be advantageous to enter into prenuptial agreements which set out how any and all assets will be divided in the event the marriage fails and they seek a divorce. Other people will call upon Boise family law attorneys to help them with post nuptial agreements when things substantially change in their marriage, such as the birth of a child. This type of an agreement focuses on what the child custody and visitation rights will be should the parents’ divorce in the future.

Boise family law attorneys are always in demand as there are so many issues that family’s face. If you are considering divorce, child adoption, prenuptial agreements etc you are invited to contact Finch O’Neil Law Office, P.A.

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