The Importance of Wall Growth Charts

Kids and parents love to see how much a child grows over the span of a few months or even years. One of the best ways to keep track in a cute way that can also serve as décor is to use wall growth charts. The charts are available in a variety of colors, characters and sizes, making it possible to purchase one to grow with your child until they are just too old to chart or just to chart their first few years as a keepsake for parents or grandparents.

A Precious Keepsake

The growth chart is one thing your child will never outgrow. Every child loves to see how much they have grown, marking a sense of accomplishment in their lives. Some kids have goals about how big they want to be and seeing that progress in front of them makes them feel great about themselves. For parents, they love to live in the moment and cherish the time. It is no secret that kids grow fast, making it even more important for parents to chart every small change in growth and remember just what their child was like at that time.

Travels with You

Even if you move, wall growth charts can come off the wall and go with you to your new home in contrast to keeping track of your child’s height on the wall or inside the closet door. A portable memory allows you to bring your child’s physical memories with you wherever life takes you. It also offers the cleanliness of not having to worry about cleaning walls or painting over the writing when it is time to sell the home or change the room into one that is for older children rather than toddlers.

Great Comparison

Many kids love to see how they stack up to their siblings when they were their age. A portable wall growth chart makes it easy to stick the two charts next to one another and compare the size difference. Some kids just like to see who was taller, while parents like to see who they measure up at each age. It is a great way for parents to walk down memory lane with their child or on their own, remembering fondly the years when their children were younger.

Wall growth charts are a rite of passage in every child’s room, from the moment they can stand up until they are too old to care how tall they are. For parents, it is a wonderful keepsake to fold up and keep tucked away, and for kids, it is a great way to see the progress they have made in life.

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