The Importance Of The Annual Financial Plan Review

Experienced financial consultants know that financial situations can change rapidly at any stage of life. Matt Dixon, a Registered Financial Consultant, recommends that anyone with a financial plan schedule an annual meeting for a review.

As a financial advisor, Matt Dixon carefully crafts a unique plan for each client. The plan is only developed after getting to understand the long-term financial goals of the individual or the couple. It is not uncommon for people in Greenville, SC, to find their financial goals change over time, particularly if the initial plan is developed early on in life.

Changing Tax Considerations

Matt Dixon is one of the few financial consultants who focuses on assisting clients in strategically limiting their tax burden. Over time, these savings can be added to investment portfolios, allowing the money to earn interest and build, providing additional funding for retirement.

This is particularly important when increased income from a job, business, or an investment is a factor. Maximizing tax savings is always a benefit to your investment fund, with many different ways to achieve this based on the specifics of the individual.

Changes in Life

Changes in life such as marriage, the birth of a child, medical or health issues, divorce, or decrease in income should also be addressed at financial plan reviews. Each of these factors will have an impact on a financial plan, but smaller issues such as home purchase, returning to school, or separate investments should also be reviewed annually to maximize retirement savings.

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