The Importance of Chain Slings

Have you recently been asked to use a chain sling or you have heard the term and interested in what they do? Perhaps you live in New York and you are looking to buy chain slings. No matter why you are seeking out information on chain slings in NY, you should know that they are very important in several types of industry and they can be widely used for many needs. If you are using or going to use chain slings in NY, you owe it to yourself to know the following:

Why Chain Slings are Often Used

If you don’t yet know, chain slings are a type of lifting device used in applications where critical lifting is needed. They can be either mechanical or welded. In the case of a mechanical chain sling, they are made of alloy components. Some of these are coupling links or hammerlocks and these components are attached to the sling by a link or hook. They other type of chain sling, those that are welded, actually have the chain directly welded to the end fitting. Get in touch with Bilco Wire Rope & Supply Corp for more details!

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