The Gift of Scented Candles

Swan Creek Candles is an American made candle with exceptional quality. No matter what tie of the year it is, it is always the right time for a Swan Creek Candle.

Since 1978, Swan Creek Candle Company has been marketing their candles from a 30,000 square foot factory in Northwest Ohio.

Soybean Wax

Swan Creek Candles are manufactured using soybean wax and all-natural oils. This makes the candle environmentally friendly and naturally biodegradable.

Spring 2019 Fragrances

Spring is almost here, and Swan Creek Candles have released their new fragrances! The wonderful collection of new fragrances will entice your olfactory and visual senses. With new fragrances such as Butterscotch Brandy, Golden Mimosa, Key Lime Cream, Mango and Peach Slices, Raspberry Lime Fizz, and Summer Melon, you cannot go wrong. Burn one of these candles in your home and let the sweet fragrance drift throughout every room.


Scented candles add a unique warmth and comfort to any home, as well as being excellent for enhancing the mood for relaxation. Try giving them as a gift to treat someone to soothing aromatherapy and suggest that they arrange them around their bath for a relaxing way to gently release tension, anxiety, and stress.

Since Swan Creek Candles are made from all-natural ingredients they make perfect gifts for birthdays, housewarming, or any occasion, scented soy candles are the most popular gift to give. Candles made from soybean wax are the healthiest candle possible and do not irritate people with asthma. In addition, the candles can be purchased in beautifully decorated jars.

Candles also symbolize love, hope, and passion. It is the main thing that makes candle-light dinners so special. If you give candles as a gift, place them in a gift basket along with several other items. The recipient of the gift will thank you.

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